Why Is Computer Science Important?

Why Is Computer Science Important?

When starting out in Computer Science, you’ll eventually wonder “Why is Computer Science important?” Once you realize the importance of Comp Sci, I’m sure you’ll be just as passionate about it as I am. Sure, it’s a tough degree to complete. However, the benefits of studying Comp Sci definitely outweigh the struggles along the way. Not only will you have a great career, but you’ll be able to make a great impact on the world.

Why Is Computer Science Important?

Computer Science is important for many reasons. However, the positive impact that computers have had on the world is the main reason that Computer Science is so important. Because of computers, we’ve been able to improve communication, transportation, healthcare, education, food production, increased our overall standard of living, and contributed to many other areas of innovation.

Top 6 Reasons Why Computer Science Is So Important

1. Increased Standards of Living

We all have incredibly powerful computers in our smartphones. The same capabilities that we take for granted are improving millions of lives in developing countries. If you have a phone, you also have access to a world of information and web services. It opens up unlimited opportunities. However, smartphones are just one way that computer science has increased our standards of living.

Computers have also massively increased automation which has improved our lives across the board. Not only do they help streamline the production of goods, but computers also help with the distribution of those goods and the managing of said business. And this isn’t just good news for the business. Not only do we have more choices as a consumer, but this automation reduces the cost of many goods.

The increased ease of production and reduced prices of basic necessities comes with reduced poverty. Automation continues to increase today and while it reduces the costs of products, it requires a smaller labor force. That means fewer jobs and potentially higher unemployment. This is one of the drawbacks of automation and another problem that humanity will have to face in the near future.

2. Better Communication

There are about half a dozen apps on my phone right now that I can use to communicate with someone. In a matter of seconds I can call, text, Facetime, Tweet, Snapchat, message on Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp, Blackboard, or Discord. I’m communicating with thousands of people every month through this blog and Comp Sci Central’s YouTube channel.

This level of worldwide connection gives power to the smallest minority: the individual. That’s another one of the reasons why computer science is important. Technology further enhances democracy and gives everyone a voice.

3. Better Transportation

What used to be planes, trains, and automobiles is quickly becoming self-driving vehicles, hyper-loops, and starships. Without the continuous improvement of computers over the year, none of these would be possible. Technically, they’re not quite here yet. However, they’re well on their way and set to arrive this decade.

Even the latest transportation that we currently use relies heavily on computers and software. Computers controls everything from the brakes (with ABS), to the transmission, the engine, air conditioning, alarm systems, windows… you get the point.

Although fully-autonomous vehicles aren’t here yet, it shouldn’t be too much longer. Tesla particularly has made tremendous strides in the self-driving arena. Plus, Elon Musk recently announced that they reach reach “level-5” autonomy which will no longer require any driver input. The only thing you’ll have to do is tell it where to go and it will take you there.

4. Better Healthcare

Health records are stored on computers, making them organized and easier to access. Scheduling a visit to the doctor is just a few clicks away. The high-level of organization in the healthcare industry also allows for the treatment of more patients. The scaling of patient treatment is important as we aim to make quality healthcare available globally.

Another reason computer science is so important in the healthcare industry are the various technologies that improve survival rate in patients. For instance, there are robots that assist doctors in a surgery called Computer Assisted Surgical Systems. They’re minimally invasive so they’re safer for the patients, thus improving success rates. Additionally, it’s easier for the surgeon to perform.

5. More Accessible Education

If you own a computer and have access to the internet, then you can learn nearly anything known to humanity. Virtually anyone anywhere can simply turn on their preferred device and study their preferred subject. In most cases, we can even do this for free. Additionally, the same technology grants us all access to various online Universities.

6. Increased Food Production

Another reason why computer science is important is that it enables farmers all over the world to increase their food production. When you live on a planet with nearly 8 billion people, the food supply chain is vital. Not to mention experts believe the population will hit 9.7 billion by 2050.

Computers help farmers in quite a few ways. Farmers survey their land with satellites and apply water and nutrients autonomously. Computers also help increase greenhouse production drastically with less labor. Hopefully, similar systems of autonomous production will one day help us sustain life on Mars or other planets.


Computer Science does a lot of good for the world and that’s why it’s so important. If computers continue to advance at the rate they have been, humanity will reach a new era. However, it will never solve all of our problems for us. In fact, automation and Artificial General Intelligence may pose real threats to humanity in the future. However, I’m confident that humanity will prevail in the face of our obstacles.

What other choice do we have?

Tim Statler

Tim Statler is a Computer Science student at Governors State University and the creator of Comp Sci Central. He lives in Crete, IL with his wife, Stefanie, and their cats, Beyoncé and Monte. When he's not studying or writing for Comp Sci Central, he's probably just hanging out or making some delicious food.

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